Be free with Bunion Sleeve UK! December 18 2014

Are you an active person who has to delay your activities due to uncomfortable bunion pain? You don’t have to stop your activities because of your bunions. Choose Bunion Sleeve instead. Don’t live with the discomfort that bunions can cause. Bunion Sleeve is your answer to alleviating bunion pain. The first time you put on a Bunion Sleeve, you will experience ultimate comfort as Bunion Sleeve gently pulls your big toe back to its more natural position. By alleviating hurtful, pressure on your toe, you can be extra comfortable when wearing your Bunion Sleeve with shoes. 

Who should wear the Bunion Sleeve?

If you an active person who has a mild bunion to a moderate bunion.

Steps to follow when putting on your Bunion Sleeve:

#1: Begin from the tip of your toe and pull the Bunion Sleeve up your feet like you would a sock.

#2: Pull the Bunion Sleeve all the way back so you can proceed to slide your foot straight through the open part.

#3: Be sure to pull your Bunion Sleeve heel strap all the way up for a comfortable, fitted fit.

#4: Twist the Bunion Sleeve material just enough to cover the toenail opening.

Benefits of Bunion Sleeve UK:

-Your mild/moderate bunions will be alleviated and soothed

-Your Bunion Sleeves won’t weigh your foot down because they are extremely light

-You can wear your Bunion Sleeves while wearing shoes

-You don’t have to worry about Bunion Sleeves slipping off during the day

-Forget about your feet sweating with Bunion Sleeves! These Bunion Sleeves were created with odour resistant materials so you can rest assured that your feet will not be releasing odours.

Bunion Sleeve is best suited for active people and for runners as well. So if you want to alleviate your aching bunions, purchase a Bunion Sleeve to feel relief instantly! Light enough that you can wear a Bunion Sleeve to bed, you will feel like you have no bunion pain when you’re wearing a Bunion Sleeve.

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