Bunion pain holding you back? Not for long! January 04 2016

Kickstart a new hobby this New Year – and do so free from the worry of your bunion causing you too much pain. While this statement might seem a bit far-fetched (as is often the way when you suffer from a painful ailment or injury such as a bunion), you can trust us when we say that our Bunion Sleeve will not only reduce bunions but will do so while you maintain an active lifestyle.

Many people make New Year resolutions to kick-start their fitness, to go to the gym, to start running; but having a painful bunion can often make this seem impossible. Our Bunion Sleeve is an innovative solution to realign your toes and reduce bunions as naturally as possible.
First things think about getting a Bunion Sleeve. You will notice that it is lightweight and wearable in your everyday shoes, meaning you can stay active and start a new hobby whilst improving your gait, balance and pain, simultaneously.
Next, get yourself a decent pair of shoes and set yourself a target. Goals will keep you motivated and help plan your training schedule. If you’re a complete beginner, then it might be worthwhile starting slow and steady, incorporating a 15-20-minute run into your weekly schedule, twice a week. Build up to four to five times a week over the first few months, and not only will you reduce bunions but you will also increase your fitness and stamina.
Before you know it, your running habit will be something you want to keep at, instead of having to force yourself into leaving the house. Alter and extend your running courses, find a park, wood or river to run by for inspiration. Alternatively, find a running club in your area.
Give yourself a few months to settle into your newest hobby, with your bunion long forgotten, and you’ll soon be needing a new target or goal. By this stage, you will have mastered the 5k, and possibly even a 10k. If you’re really looking to challenge yourself, to achieve something you never thought possible, then consider running a marathon. There are so many to choose from, and you’ll learn a lot about yourself, too.
Whatever you decide to do this New Year, don’t let a bunion hold you back. You can reduce bunions as easily as ordering a bunion sleeve from us, so why wait any longer? Take the first step towards running your own life again.

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