Do not let a bunion slow you down...Bunion Sleeve! November 02 2016

If you suffer from a bunion you’ll know how debilitating they can be. You’ll suffer even more if you’re fit and healthy, and used to exercising outdoors and in the gym. But don’t let your bunion stop you from your normal activity. If your pain is severe, swimming and bicycling are good choices because they put much less pressure on the foot. For runners and joggers, maybe try power walking until the inflammation settles down and the pain reduces. Bunion Sleeve can provide fantastic relief from pain and can be worn in shoes or socks during any activity that puts pressure on the bunion.

As well as helping you keep up with your outdoor activities, our ultra-thin bunion corrector can keep you active in the gym. We do ongoing trials at our local gym in various classes and members who have bunions report that our sleeve helps a lot, both in high impact step and aerobic classes as well as in Pilates and Yoga classes where many exercises involve the feet. Lifting weights can also be a problem for the bunion sufferer, as the feet need to carry the weight load in standing weight exercises. This bunion aid adds extra support and realigns the big toe, separating it from the other toes. The foot will be better positioned and pain will be reduced.

Whether outdoors or in aerobic style gym classes you’ll need to wear a good quality sports shoe which is the correct width for your foot so that the shoe is not tight around the bunion. This bunion protector adds another light layer under your sock for added protection.

In Pilates and Yoga classes where you need good stability on the floor without shoes, this ultra-thin bunion sleeve can be worn under your socks to help your foot meet with the floor more evenly and provide you with much better stability.

So don’t let your bunion slow you down! Bunion Sleeve can reduce the pain and help you stay active.

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