Infographic explaining everything you need to know about bunions... November 27 2014

...but are too afraid to ask! 


A lot of us suffer silently from bunions and secretly wonder about who else might have them and why fate dealt us such a mean hand. Have you ever caught yourself looking at someone else's feet just to see if they too have a bunion? We call this bunion envy!

Well, we thought we'd take away some of the mystery surrounding bunions by creating this infographic..."Everything you need to know about bunions...but are too afraid to ask!".

What's impressive from the outset is just how common bunions are. Millions of people around the world have them and the greatest number at least as far as it can be measured today, of bunion sufferers can be found in the USA with 5.6 million sufferers. Here is the good old UK we only have 1.16 million so pro-rata to population the USA has a much bigger problem than us.

Is this a lifestyle as well as a hereditary ailment? Certainly, things like shoes appear to be a major contributing factor particularly for women who report 90% of the complaints and 85% are identified as wearing shoes that are too tight. There is also some evidence to suggest that people who come from countries that do not wear shoes as standard may not suffer bunions in anywhere near the numbers we do.

We know that the incidence of bunions increases dramatically with age. A stunning 67% of people over 65 are reported to have a bunion!

For me, the most distressing statistics relate to bunion surgery. With recovery taking up to 6 months and 10 to 20% of the procedures resulting in complications this should obviously only be used as a last resort for terminally severe bunion sufferer. Anyone with mild to moderate bunions should consider using a bunion corrector as if it is arrested early, the condition may not develop any further.

Enjoy this infographic and please feel free to share it friends and on social media.

Infographic: everything you need to know about bunions

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