Finally bunion correctors to wear in shoes! September 30 2013

It's that time of year when we start to pack away the summer shoes, which, for many people, brings on a slight depression as they ponder the onset of winter and reluctantly say goodbye to what was, this year, a fantastic summer.  Getting ready for work involved nothing more than grabbing something like a cool dress and a pair of sandals.  No second thought was given to scarves, tights or gloves.  

In my opinion, however, Autumn couldn't have come more quickly.  I no longer have to worry about searching out those sandals for summer that will hide my bunion without putting pressure on it, and I can choose from any number of fashionable closed-in shoes which will be part of my life probably for the next 9 months.  I'll be able to wear my Bunion Sleeve 24/7 which means my bunion will continue to correct itself as my big toe will be gently held straight and my other toes will be left alone.

Nine days out of ten I'll be seen in boots so yesterday I rummaged through that dusty old boot cupboard and pulled out my trusty black knee-highs.  Sadly, they have seen better days.  Apart from the general wear and tear, what I notice most is that the bump on the side of my right boot is more pronounced than I had realised.  Before I started wearing the bunion corrector, all of my boots and shoes were subjected to pressure from my bunion, completely changing their shape.  I'm careful as always to choose shoes and boots with low heels and that is wide enough to avoid placing pressure on my bunion but, without the Bunion Sleeve, the bump is bound to impact the side of any shoe and the shoe is bound to impact my bunion.

Yesterday I bought myself a lovely pair of new boots. The leather is soft but the fit is supportive.  The heel is low and the boot is a good width.  I tested them out, wearing my Bunion Sleeve, and they felt incredibly comfortable.  I looked for the usual bump trying to push its way into the side of the boot, but there was no sign of it.  The Bunion Sleeve was genty holding my big toe straight, reducing the size of the bump.  They're perfect.

Although bunions are generally hereditary, poor footwear will really exacerbate them.  Finding good quality leather shoes with low heels and a comfortable width is a must.  I'll be wearing these boots for at least 150 days this season, so comfort is worth the investment.  Now that I've found the Bunion Sleeve, finally, there are bunion correctors to wear in shoes and boots, which I can wear every day without even noticing it, my bunion will have more time than ever to heal and correct itself and I can enjoy wearing great boots and not giving that bunion a second thought!

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