Best shoes for Bunions November 12 2014

We wear shoes for most of our waking hours, so it’s no surprise that one in every six people are reported to have problems with their feet and discomfort from shoes. That means 10 million Brits and 4 million Aussies suffer foot pain.

There are many foot disorders, from corns and calluses to hammertoes and heel spurs. Bunions are one of the most common complaints. Many foot disorders can be attributed to poor-fitting shoes. In America, it has been documented that foot problems cost around 3.5 billion dollars a year so it is no doubt an issue in all western countries. This cost includes foot surgery which is often the last resort for many sufferers of foot pain, especially those with bunions.

Although bunions are largely hereditary, they are certainly aggravated by ill-fitting shoes. Studies have found that nine out of ten women wear shoes that are too small for their feet. Eight out of ten women say their shoes cause them pain. More than eight out of ten women have developed deformities such as bunions and nine out of ten women are more likely to develop foot problems as a result of ill-fitting shoes than men, particularly shoes that are too tight.

We're all susceptible to foot injuries, but we can reduce our risk for them by wearing properly-fitting shoes that conform to the natural shape of our feet. In selecting shoes, keep this basic principle of good fit in mind: Your feet should never be forced to conform to the shape of a pair of shoes. The shoes must feel comfortable immediately (not once you think they might stretch into shape) and they must be the right width for your foot. is an American website with a unique online shopping experience designed to help people find the correct New Balance Shoes for their foot problem needs. Their goal is ‘to help you eliminate foot pain so that you can continue with your daily activities, free of pain caused by hereditary foot problems or foot injuries that may be due to wearing improper shoes.

We checked it out and discovered a great website that specialises in problem feet and offers an online customisation shoe selection service. Just follow the steps to find the shoe that is perfect for your feet and your foot problem. Firstly you select the foot problem, then you indicate whether you’re male or female and what sort of exercise you want to do (walking, running, training) and finally, you can select from the appropriate shoes.

They also have some great information on each of the various foot problems. For example on the bunion: ‘A bunion occurs when the big toe becomes deformed and turns inward to point toward the second toe. Bunions tend to occur more in women and can run in families. Over time, extra bone and fluid develop at the base of the big toe, along the metatarsophalangeal joint, and a painful bony bump grows. Other symptoms that indicate a bunion are callouses and redness along the inner edge of the big toe. A number of different factors can cause a bunion to develop. Genetic predisposition and abnormal bone structure can be precursors of bunions. Wearing poorly fitting shoes that are too tight or high heels often cause bunions to develop. A bunion can usually be easily diagnosed just by having a podiatrist inspect the foot, although the doctor may order an x-ray to confirm the condition.’

Bunions can be treated. It is important to take good care of your feet and wearing appropriate, well-fitting shoes, such as New Balance, can relieve the pain and prevent further deformity. The sturdy arch support and roomy box provide good support and space to keep toes from becoming cramped together.

For additional comfort, and for more chance to stop your bunion from getting worse, wear the Bunion Sleeve and stick to breathable, thin socks.

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