How to improve your bunion today... December 07 2015

Whether you’re a man or a woman, living with a bunion can be sore and inconvenient; and, on a purely aesthetic level, they are considered as visually quite painful to look at. Knowing how to improve bunions is critical to ensure that your pain levels are minimised, and any lasting damage is controlled before it’s too late.

In order to see improvements in your bunion, you need to know how it started. If your feet feel pinched or squeezed into shoes, then the reason could be ill-fitting shoes behind the bunion. If they’re generally an issue for other members of your family, then it may just be hereditary.

Suitable Shoes

Buy well-fitting shoes. Get your feet measured, to accommodate your bunion and choose shoes to match, accordingly. Good quality shoes, with a wide toe area and padded sole are ideal for improving bunions. Not only does this reduce pressure on your big toe, but the comfortable sole will allow an even distribution of weight; again, reducing weight on your big toe.
It is advised to maintain a normal weight as directed by your GP, to reduce the pressure placed on your feet, and, therefore, bunion.

Reduce Swelling

We often get asked how to reduce swelling in the big toe, and the answer is a three-pronged attack. Firstly, wear the correct fitting shoes. Secondly, take regular breaks if you are on your feet a lot. Using hot or cold compression packs can reduce swelling by relaxing the muscle / numbing the area, and elevating your foot can help, too. Finally, take anti-inflammatories and topical pain relief to give you respite.

Bunion Treatment

Some bunion treatments include unsightly splints that prohibit movement and can only work overnight, along with shoe inserts, such as orthotics, to help relieve pressure on the toe.
Our Bunion Sleeve is a discreet and lightweight barrier, which can be worn all day, allowing you to maintain your everyday life with minimal disruption. The sleeve is a bunion corrector that aids big toe alignment into a more natural position.
For more advice on how to care for your bunion, please check our blog for more information and resources.

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