How To Correct A Bunion Naturally! September 13 2013

We love hearing from our customers.

Yesterday we received this feedback from one of our newest customers Maddy:

“My Bunion Sleeve is proving a great success. I wear it daily and I don’t even feel it on! Played tennis on Wednesday night with it on for the first time ever and won 4 games to 1 because I could move around the court – amazing!”

That is great news!

One of the best things about Bunion Sleeve is its ability to straighten your bunion naturally that helps to gently realign your toe back to its normal position. Even though Bunion Sleeve is only 0.4mm thin its special design does this so you can still wear it comfortably under socks and shoes when you are active.

The Bunion Sleeve gently repositions her big toe. This will correct her gait and help her to move more freely and with less pain. That is what is amazing about this product. It is ultra-thin so you hardly know it is there but at the same time, it is highly effective.

What would you rather wear an ultra-thin Bunion Sleeve while active or a rigid splint? If you are an active person the answer is simple…Bunion Sleeve has been specifically designed so it can be worn 24 x 7 so it not only works when you are resting or asleep but also works discreetly and unobtrusively while you are at work or play. Its non-slip heel is another unique feature as it keeps the sleeve in position no matter how active you are.

So if you are a bunion sufferer with mild to moderate bunion severity then we believe this is the solution for you. The key is to start managing your problem as soon as possible. Remember 90% of bunion sufferers report a positive family history (Source: American College of Rheumatology) so the chances are that your problem is hereditary and not as a result of wearing ill-fitting or uncomfortable shoes.

Are bunions treatable without surgery?

If you take action to protect and straighten your big toe then you will find a release of built-up tension and soreness. Bunion Sleeve does this gently as it straightens your bunion naturally. Over time with proper protection and support many people are finding the severity and progression can be reduced.

Of course, if your problem becomes too severe or painful then surgery is probably the only option. But we believe this should be the last option and we are finding many other people who feel the same way.

Why not try the Bunion Sleeve solution today?

We believe in our product and our mission is to help eliminate bunion pain so every Bunion Sleeve comes with a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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