Bunion Pain Treatment Without Surgery! August 10 2016

This is a lovely new customer who lives locally in Berkhamsted so instead of ordering online, Jill dropped by our office yesterday to order her Bunion Sleeve. As an online business, we do not get many visitors so it was great to meet Jill. Jill came back again today to order another so I couldn't resist asking her for a photo! When Jill and I were chatting she told me she was attracted to the Bunion Sleeve because she was keen to avoid surgery (aren't we all!) so I thought I would write a bit more on this topic and the alternatives.

No Surgery Necessary

If we take a moment to consider that up to 25% of people can be susceptible to bunions – men and women of any age - then it won’t take long to realise that this is a widespread issue that affects a significant number of people.

Sometimes, bunions will run in families, and sometimes they will occur as a one-off. One thing we can all agree on is that they are painful. However, they are treatable.

One of the most popular questions we are asked is “How do you treat a bunion without surgery”? as there are widespread misconceptions in today’s quick-fix age that surgery is the answer to everything. However, this is far from the case when it comes to treatment for bunions.

Don’t Blame the Shoes!

While our footwear choices can certainly aggravate any existing bunions, they are very rarely the cause of a bunion. However, it is worth noting that if you have a bunion, wearing ill-fitting and inappropriate shoes – such as those with narrow toes and unnaturally high heels will only cause you further pain and suffering and will only make the bunion worse.

Alternatives to Surgery

If you suffer from mild to moderate bunion pain, then you don’t need to take drastic action such as surgery. Furthermore, surgery is not always successful and may lead to a prolonged recovery time compared to alternatives to bunion surgery, such as our lightweight and ultra-thin bunion corrector.

Not only is surgery not always necessary, but it can cause a whole new set of symptoms that would never usually occur. The fear of not having control over your body can be intense and overwhelming, on top of the fear concerning the loss of function and overall outcome; as are the risks of any surgery.

Avoid this entirely by adopting an alternative bunion treatment for your bunion. Why resort to surgery when you can achieve results - and see them happening over time, without needing to adjust your lifestyle or take time off work?

The Bunion Sleeve

One of the very best ways to treat a bunion without surgery is by utilising our innovative Bunion Sleeve.

Working with you, alongside your everyday lifestyle, Bunion Sleeve can improve your life by reducing a painful ailment and doing so on your terms.

The Bunion Sleeve works by reducing the inversion angle of the big toe and adjusting the way the foot arches. This, in turn, improves your gait and balance because you are able to move around more freely. This often leads to instant relief, as so many of our customers have reported in their feedback.

Before resorting to expensive and time-consuming surgery and recovery, why not arm yourself with the knowledge that an alternative bunion treat is available, and has a high success rate?

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