The Most Effective Exercises, Products, and Treatments for Flat Feet June 24 2020

Your Ultimate Relief Guide to Flat Feet and Fallen Arches

In the past, having flat feet could be a hindrance to your career if you wanted to be in the army. But today, this condition isn't seen as such a handicap and for the most part, you can live a normal life.

However, if you have flat feet and your quality of life is suffering because of it, there are exercises, products, and treatments available to help you with your pain and discomfort.

In this article, we'll discuss these things so you can lead a more active and comfortable life.

What Are Flat Feet?

The condition of "flat feet" is medically known as "pes planus." You may also know it as collapsed or fallen arches. If you have this condition, you're not alone; almost one-third of the country's population has it too.

There are a number of causes for flat feet, including obesity and injuries. It's important that you manage your flat feet properly so you don't suffer from pain. Below are some exercises, products, and treatments for flat feet.

Exercises for Flat Feet

If you have sore arches, flat feet are a common cause of this pain. Here are some simple exercises you can do to strengthen yourself, get better balance, and ease your pain.

Heel Stretch

Put your hands on the wall in front of you, and put one leg forward, the other behind, extended. Press your heels into the ground and push forward into the wall with your front leg; hold for at least 30 seconds. Repeat this with the other leg so you do each side four times.

Tennis Ball Roll

Sit on a chair and put a tennis ball under one foot. Sit up straight and roll the ball underneath your foot. Repeat as many times as you want for a few minutes.

Repeat this with your other foot.

Calf Raises

In a standing position, lift your heels as much as you can, as if you were tiptoeing; you may need to hold onto the wall for support. Keep yourself in the tiptoed position for five seconds, then relax. Do a few sets of 15 to 20 repetitions each.

Toe Raises

In a standing position, lift your four toes up while keeping your big toe pressed into the ground. Each time you raise your toes, keep them in the air for five seconds. Then, do the opposite; lift your big toe up while pressing your other four toes into the ground.

Do each set type up to 10 times.

Towel Crunches

Put a towel on the floor and put your foot at one end of it. Dig your heel into the ground and use your towels to scrunch the towel towards you. Do this 50 times on each foot.

Toe Spreads

This is an easy exercise you can do while just sitting and relaxing. Lift your foot, spread your toes, and wiggle them around. That's it!

Products for Flat Feet

In addition to exercises, you can also buy products to support and strengthen the arches of your feet.

Compression Socks and Sleeves

These come in materials of cotton, spandex, nylon, or silk. There are different thicknesses available, depending on how much support you need.

Compression socks work to help flat feet because they help stabilize your foot arch and gives it better blood flow, which also reduces inflammation, and therefore, pain.

Compression sleeves can be worn directly on your arch and serve the same function as compression socks.

Special Shoes for Arch Support

When you're shopping for shoes, look for ones that have a stamp of approval from podiatrists. They'll usually have some sort of descriptor indicating that they're good for arch support.

You'll want to avoid wearing shoes like flats since they offer no support whatsoever.

Shoe Inserts

Since you have a small or non-existent arch with flat feet, shoe inserts can help create an artificial arch in your shoes so you can walk with ease. You have the choice of insoles, arch supports, or heel liners. Most shoe inserts can fit into any shoe, which means you can keep wearing your favorite pairs.

To figure out which one's best for you, you may want to go see a podiatrist for a professional opinion.

Treatments for Flat Feet

If exercises and products don't help your flat feet enough, then you may need to get medical treatment. Here are some of your options.

Physical Therapy

When you go to physical therapy, you'll get professional and customized care. A physical therapist can recommend specific exercises to strengthen your foot arch and relieve pain.

Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAID) Medications

This isn't technically a direct treatment for your flat feet, but NSAID medications can help with inflammation and pain. If regular over-the-counter NSAIDs don't help much, you can ask your doctor to prescribe you some stronger ones.

Customized Orthotics

These are similar to shoe inserts but are made especially for your feet. Your doctor will analyze the arches of your feet to make customized orthotics that will support your fallen arches.


In extreme cases where none of the above work for helping flat feet, you may have to get surgery. You'll need to consult with an orthopedic surgeon to find out which procedure is best for you.

Things your doctor will take into account include your age and how active you are.

Ease Your Pain from Flat Feet

In this day and age, you can easily live with flat feet. In fact, many people don't even suffer from any symptoms.

However, if you're one of the unlucky few to have pain, you do have options. With exercises, products, and treatments for flat feet, you'll be able to manage your symptoms and live a normal life.

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