Gel Toe Separators - 100% BioGel


Gel Five Toe Separators are made with 100% Medical Grade BIOGEL which is soft, elastic, cushioning, soothing and skin-moisturising. Now Available in Choice of Two Sizes. Pair for Left and Right feet.

Perfect to use for reducing friction between toes, straightening crooked or overlapping toes, and reducing sweat between the toes.

This pack includes 2 x Gel Five Toe Separators for the left and right feet.

  • Soft gel toe separators can help relieve the pain caused by friction of toes.
  • Separates overlapping and crooked toes.
  • Light, slimline design is effective yet comfortable to wear with most shoes unlike bulky competitive products.
  • The four loops help to keep a proper gap between your toes and the unique gel memory formulation fits all kinds of foot shapes.
  • BIOGEL has inorganic antibacterial properties that can prevent bacterial growth and is environmentally friendly and can be recycled.
  • Choose from 4mm or 8mm separation of big toe (see image for more information)

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