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Foot Arch Support

Pair. One size fits all.

Many bunion sufferers also suffer from flat feet or fallen arches so these soft Gel Arch Wraps are designed to provide all-day underfoot comfort and foot arch support.

Gel Arch Wraps provide shock-absorbing, pressure-reducing, soft gel foot arch support that relieves the discomfort and pain associated with flat arches, Cavus foot (high-arched feet), and plantar fasciitis.

Adjusts to fit all kinds of foot shapes.

The non-slip Velcro strap keeps them nicely in place even during heavy activity.

Includes 100% BIO GEL and is Antibacterial.

Ideal for active people.

Perfect for people who are on their feet all day. 

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL, 100% BIO GEL ARCH SUPPORTS. A unique memory gel formulation that conforms to your foot shape, creating a more natural and comfortable position for your feet. Ideal as an alternative to insoles and expensive custom orthotics. They can be used to treat painful heels, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, cavus foot, and for gently persuading an ergonomic, healthy foot shape.
  • NON-SLIP & SECURELY FITTED. A non-slip Velcro strap keeps each support firmly in place, even during heavy activity. These Unisex arch support sleeves come as a pair - for both left and right feet. The unique BioGel material is naturally antibacterial, helping to keep your feet healthy and fresh.
  • DESIGNED FOR ACTIVE PEOPLE. Providing all-day underfoot comfort, the strong velcro strap and the non-slip surface can provide support even during heavy activity. The gel padding acts as a shock absorber protecting your joints from jarring during high impact sports. Compact enough to be worn with shoes or trainers - these are ideal for runners and walkers, ramblers and rowers alike!
  • PROVIDES PAIN RELIEF. These shock-absorbing, pressure-reducing soft gel pads are designed to support and relieve the discomfort associated with many common orthopedic ailments. Our mission is to keep you on your feet.

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