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Gel Insoles

World First!

Dynamic Insoles are the world’s first cylindrical independently structured casing. 

This unique design with its foam layered supportive shape, gives it two great characteristics. One, the ability to absorb shock, and two, rebound after pressure is applied to the membrane.

• The internationally approved AEGIS antibacterial fabric, aids in the prevention of athlete’s foot and foot odour
• The high-support foam design helps by relieving gravitational forces
• The independently structured cylindrical gel casing creates its unique recoiling and rebounding characteristics
• A thicker layer of protection is added to the heel for supplemental support
• The integrated Anti-Slip foam is used for greater stability
• The high-integrity foam layered structure creates a massaging effect. An integrated air layer provides thorough pressure dispersion    
Our shock absorption test shows that an egg survived a 100 cm fall. The test sample utilising a major competitor’s insole product did not!

The mass dispersion test shows an iron bar weight being cushioned by the Dynamic Insole, and, with minimal deflection. Duplication of the test using the competitor’s insole, reveals the iron bar impacting violently.
Tests prove that BioGelFootCare Dynamic Insoles are effective at reducing pressure when standing, walking, or running.    

  • BioGelFootCare’s independently structured cylindrical gel casing is dynamically self-adjusting.
  • It incorporates an integrated pressure air layer
  • It supplies thorough pressure dispersion because of its independent cylindrical gel-layered structure
  • Manufactured with an internationally approved AEGIS antibacterial fabric that aids in the prevention of athlete’s foot and foot odour    
Perfect for all activities including running, jogging, hiking, standing for long periods of time, or just walking.

The reinforced arch gives tremendous support, which in turn provides assured comfort and stability.

Dynamic Insoles have a great cushioning effect that reduces the impact on both joints and tissue.

Dynamic Insoles are approved by the FDA, CE, SGS, and ISO.    

Dynamic Insoles are Unisex and suit all ages and activities.

Dynamic Insoles | Make Every Shoe or Boot Comfortable!

Dynamic Insoles | Make Every Shoe or Boot Comfortable!

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Customer Reviews

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April Wright
Gel insoles

These have been amazing for my severely arthritic feet after trying many,many other products over many years these are the only ones I have been able to use so I went online to order several more only to find it looks like they are no longer going to be available as I was not able to get my size. Absolutely love the product and definitely disappointed I can no longer get them