Bunion Sleeve Plus Features

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Non-Surgical Hallux Valgus Corrective Sleeve With Additional Features and Extra Support.

bunionette sleeve features

A. Little toe cap

B. Big toe cap

C. Heel strap

D. Double layer

Bunion Sleeve Plus is a corrective sleeve that relieves and repositions mild to moderate level Hallux Valgus and also:

  • Protects the sensitive skin and protruding joints against blisters and rubbing from footwear.
  • Helps to improve the alignment of the big and little toes. Helps to anchor the toes to the ground for improved balance, weight distribution and posture.
  • Incorporates longitudinal and transverse arch support to help reduce the fatigue that bunions create from walking and standing for long periods of time.
  • has a soft two-ply fabric design is comfortable to wear with shoes during any activity and at night.

Bunion Sleeve Plus provides a viable alternative to hinged splints, insoles, toe straighteners or night splints.

It is wearable in shoes, underneath socks or barefoot. Very comfortable as it is streamlined without any strip fasteners or hinges. Can also be used for pre or post operative care. Very easy to apply. Allows your foot to remain flexible and helps to reduce any further progression of malposition of your toes and foot arches. Helps with overlapping toes, hammer toes, claw toes, clavus foot, floating toes, heel spurs, splay foot, plantar fasciitis and flat feet and secondary symptoms such as bunions, bowlegs, knee pain, back pain, stiff shoulders and hip joint pain. Latex free.

  • Protects your feet and toes from footwear friction. Only 1mm think it can be worn comfortably with shoes during any activity and at night.
  • Gently realigns your big and little toes back to their more natural alignment and its longitudinal and transverse arch support helps to keep your toes on the ground to reduce fatigue from standing and walking.
  • Non-slip heel strap and includes toe hood side panels for breathability and comfort.
  • Spreads your toes to increase their contact with the ground thereby helping to improve balance, weight distribution and posture.
  • Incorporates two-ply design. The inner fabric is soft on the skin while the stronger outer layer provides the tension and support to maintain better big and little toe positions.

bunion sleeve plus features

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