How Bunion Sleeve Plus Works

Lower or fallen foot arches can occur from muscle decline as a result of ageing and from the overuse of poor quality footwear. As the longitudinal and transverse arch of the foot deteriorates the toes begin to float and the foot spreads altering the centre of gravity which then effects walking and balance. Other problems such as bunions (Hallux Valgus), plantar fasciitis, foot fatigue, calluses, corns, knee pain, bowlegs, back pain and hip joint pain can also result.

This is a pressure image of bare feet that have floating toes and spread foot...

fallen foot arches

People with these problems tend to experience these symptoms:

  • No weight on toes when walking (floating toes)
  • As the longitudinal arch deteriorates the pressure centralises (spread foot)
  • The weight line is short and straight compared to normal feet

People with floating toes and spread foot experience a change in their centre of gravity which effects their walk balance...

flat foot versus normal foot

How Bunion Sleeve Plus helps...

When Bunion Sleeve Plus is worn the toes are active and balance improves. Posterior pelvic tilt and body swayback are reduced.

bunion sleeve plus improves posture

So walk balance can be improved...


  1. Weight is distributed to all toes
  2. Centralised pressure on the big toes increases so the longitudinal arch improves
  3. The weight line is curved (normal) rather than straight (abnormal)
  4. The centre of gravity normalises and balance improves

Examples of improvement in walk balance for customers...

bunionette sleeve improves walk balance

Examples of improvement in toe alignment for customers...

improvement in toes alignment by bunionette sleeve

Bunion Sleeve Plus offers a comfortable solution for these problems as it...

bunionette sleeve longitudinal arch support

Supports the longitudinal arch:
Helps tighten the ligaments around the metatarsal joints. 
bunionette sleeve separates toes Separates the toes: Bunion Sleeve + opens the toes and helps anchor the big and little toes.
bunionette sleeve trasverse arch support Supports the transverse arch: Helps to heighten the longitudinal arch and reduce impact to the foot.


Which helps to alleviate these symptoms...


 bunionette sleeve helps floating toes Floating toes: About one-third of people suffer from this problem which prevents them from being able to spread their weight evenly across their feet.
bunionette sleeve helps spread foot Spread foot: As the ligaments which connect the metatarsal joints (pink lines) become loose the transverse arch sinks causing the instep to widen.
bunionette sleeve helps flat feet Flat feet: The longitudinal arch is lower that usual causing fatigue while standing or walking and poor posture which can then cause other pain e.g. lower back pain, knee pain, etc.


If you are still in any doubt about which sleeve is right for you then please refer to the chart below:

bunion sleeve versus bunion sleeve plus