Product Reviews

Product Reviews

It's REALLY helped. Bunion dwelling has reduced and now not inflamed. Amazing thank you. Thin and comfortable...and has made a difference.

- Joanna M.

I walk everyday using the Bunion Sleeve's, surprisingly comfortable while wearing my runners. I like because of the toe separation.

- Kerryn J.

I deliberately delayed my response because I wanted to be truthful in my response. Now that I have had the sleeve's for nearly two months I can honestly say that my bunions are being corrected...I wear the sleeve's all the time, even to bed they're so comfortable.

- Jacqueline A.

I feel that the bunion sleeve plus is already making a difference to my toe alignment and my shoe fitting. I am very hopeful for a long term correction over time. I have washed the bunion sleeves by hand and am happy with them so far

- Kathleen W.