Running with a bunion?

Many people in Australia have at least one bunion, and thousands of those people are runners. Those of us with bunions know how painful it can be to walk, let alone run. But walking and running can be both possible and painless.

Runners with bunions have a tendency to over-pronate, so it is essential to have your feet properly assessed and find a running shoe that is both wide enough to accommodate the bunion and stable enough to support the instep.

Pronation is how a runner's foot rolls laterally between footfall and toe-off. Under-pronation is when the foot rolls outwards, over-pronation is when it rolls inwards, and a neutral pattern is when little rolling occurs.

Matching a shoe's properties with your running style will increase comfort, running efficiency, and contribute to decreasing the risk of injury.

ASICS’ GEL-3000 runners are specially engineered for women who suffer from bunions, providing ‘support for late-stage overpronators’ through special technologies and design. This shoe gives you extra support in the forefoot for improved comfort and added stability and it has an added bonus: the innovative bunion window reduces irritation on your big toe.

The sole of this shoe is 2mm wider than the standard ASICS sole, which gives you a wider foot platform for extra stability and Dynamic DuoMax gives you a more stable midsole that gives you a more efficient push-off.

At an average price of $230, it is an investment but any runner knows that investment in a good pair of running shoes is a must.

For additional comfort, and to stop your bunion from getting worse, wear the Bunion Sleeve® and stick to breathable, thin socks. 

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