How To Wear Guide

Ultra-thin Bunion Sleeve is light and easy to put on. To correct bunions it gently pulls the big toe back to its natural position, releasing pressure.

How To Wear Bunion Sleeve


Important Usage Instructions:

When you first receive your Bunion Sleeve, make sure it fits snugly, without being too tight, or too loose. If it does not fit snugly, you have ordered the wrong size and the Bunion Sleeve should be returned before wearing and exchanged for the correct size. Bunion Sleeve should initially be worn for shorter intervals, gradually increasing. If you experience any tightness or tension, take Bunion Sleeve off for a few hours. It is normal for Bunion Sleeve to stretch slightly after wear. The product has two layers attached with glue so after you wear the product for a few days or wash the product you may find it feels a bit different but the product will still be functioning correctly.