How Bunion Sleeve Works

Ultra-thin Bunion Sleeve® is draped so that the material starts out twisted. This creates tension that causes inversion of the big toe and, at the same time, brings the first metatarsal bone to its pre-­deformity position.

How to treat bunions is a much discussed topic, as many remedies fail to correct the bunion. Bunion Sleeve® makes very slight adjustments to the foot, bringing the big toe closer to the open position. By encircling the foot from the toe and holding it tight, it helps the sole form an arch. The arch is another important way to bring the big toe into an open position. The bunion corrector twists the big toe back in the direction of inversion and at the same time corrects the direction of the first metatarsal bone.

How Bunion Sleeve Works

“The pain and deformity of hallux comes from the condition of hallux valgus and the first MTP joint valgus. Friction and pressure from shoes can cause the pain because the first MTP joint turns inward while walking with valgus foot (bow-­legs). Hallux has an important role in walking, and the first MTP joint turns inward when the body weight shifts from backward to forward. At that moment, hallux turns outward by the effect from the movement of the first MTP joint. Bunion Sleeve® is designed to apply inward pressure on hallux and support the first MTP joint in the right direction.”  Prod. Dr. Terukazu Uchida

Bunion Sleeve® improves the degree of big toe positioning by gently easing the big toe back to its more natural position...

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And it can improve foot arch height which leads to better posture and comfort...

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