Size Guide

The best way to select the right size Bunion Sleeve® is to measure your bare foot in centimetres and then select your size from the chart below.

Remember ultra thin Bunion Sleeve® is anatomically shaped for either the right or left foot for ultimate bunion relief.

Size UK Shoe Size EU Shoe Size Foot Length 
Extra Small 1 to 3.5 to 35 to 20 cm
Small 4 to 5.5 35,5 to 38,5 21 to 22 cm
Medium 6 to 8.5 39 to 42,5 23 to 24 cm
Large 9 to 10.5 43 to 45,5 25 to 25 cm
Extra Large 11 plus 46 plus 27 cm plus

Tip: Trace around your bare foot on a piece of paper then measure the distance from your heel to the tip of your longest toe.

Bunion Sleeve Best Fit

The Size Guide is based on average foot width. If your shoe size is at the top of the range for a size and your foot is wider than average, you may need the next size up.  If your shoe size is at the bottom of the range for a size and your foot is narrower than average, you may need the next size down. Feet come in all shapes and sizes, regardless of shoe size. The fit should be snug, not too tight and not loose. The toe hole should fit over the middle of the big toe so that the toe does not push through the hole. 

The Bunion Sleeve® may not be suitable for more advanced bunions as the joint in the big toe may be stiff preventing the big toe from gently realigning. We recommend the Bunion Sleeve® for mild to moderate bunions. Seek advice from your podiatrist if you are not sure.

After wearing the Bunion Sleeve®, the material will start to relax. In time it may feel looser but this will not compromise the Bunion Sleeve®’s effectiveness. The Bunion Sleeve® is made of two layers so over time, and depending on the amount of care taken, the material may fray slightly in some places, but the functionality of the Bunion Sleeve® will not be affected. Like anything worn, normal daily wear and tear will obviously cause the Bunion Sleeve® to deteriorate over time. We offer a returning customers discount for future orders so please email us for the code. 

Please do not walk around with the Bunion Sleeve® without shoes or socks.  When putting the Bunion Sleeve® on, please be gentle. The product is comfortable because it is made from soft textured materials and is very thin. Be careful not to pull too tightly.

If the fit is not right for you, please return the unworn Bunion Sleeve® for immediate free exchange.

If you have any questions or need a hand determining your right size please contact us at