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Bunion Corrector

Treatment for bunions doesn't have to involve surgery, consider all your options before you commit to drastic action. Bunion Sleeve® is ideal for people suffering from mild to moderate bunions. This ultra-thin bunion corrector is lightweight and comfortable to wear with shoes, so you can go about your everyday life, free from pain. This orthopaedic product is ideal for active people looking for relief and is available in a variety of sizes, for both men and women.

This Hallux valgus corrector uses non-surgical bunion orthopaedic treatment and is perfect for people who want to avoid surgery and want to stay active.

    • Relieves mild to moderate Hallux valgus and provides good support for post-operative care.
    • Ultra-thin (0.4mm) and can be worn comfortably with socks and shoes during any activity.
    • Ideal for active people and perfect for runners and walkers (unique non-slip heel) Separates your toes naturally, slowly releasing built-up tension and relieving soreness.
    • Gently repositions the big toe to its more natural alignment, helping to improve balance and gait.
    • Micro pressure reduction hole on the big toe reduces pressure for greater comfort.

Relieves mild to moderate cases by gently realigning the big toe and taking away pressure from the other toes, releasing built-up tension and relieving soreness. Also frequently used by surgeons for their patient's post-operative care. This sleeve is ultra-thin and can be worn comfortably with socks and shoes. Suitable for both day and nightwear.

Light and only 0.4mm thin material. Easy and comfortable to wear. The fabric has a non-slip function where it touches the skin. The surface of the fabric is covered with a material called PowerNet, which has a moderate amount of tension and stretches in both directions to allow a perfect fit. With no thick hem, ultra-thin it lies flat with no bulkiness. Breathable and flexible. Handmade in Japan with odour and bacteria-resistant materials. Anatomically shaped for either the left or right foot. Materials: nylon, polyurethane. Beige in colour. 

Size Guide

Size UK Shoe Size EU Shoe Size Foot Length 
Extra Small 1 to 3.5 to 35 to 20 cm
Small 4 to 5.5 35,5 to 38,5 21 to 22 cm
Medium 6 to 8.5 39 to 42,5 23 to 24 cm
Large 9 to 10.5 43 to 45,5 25 to 25 cm
Extra Large 11 plus 46 plus 27 cm plus


Bunion Sleeve | Ultra-Thin Bunion Corrector

Bunion Sleeve | Ultra-Thin Bunion Corrector

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Customer Reviews

Based on 403 reviews
Scott Braby
The Saviour

Was recommended product by my Podiatrist
Immediate results
Relief with bunion , completely comfortable, Awesome relief

Will not make Bunion go away Unfortunately…
But will alleviate problems associated with , without requiring surgery

Thoroughly Recommend
Customer Service…llEXCEPTIONAL

Nanna K
A great help

A very comfy and helpful thing


The sleeves are supporting my feet post-op and are very easy and comfortable to use.

Janine Joseph
Thanks Michael for your excellent customer service.

Website didn’t work for me but received personal communication and help from Michael. Thanks so much Michael. A happy with the Bunion Sleeve and wearing it everyday.

Kate Jean
All true

I am so happy with my bunion sleeves. I use it for both feet and it has stopped the swelling and has corrected my toes. I no longer suffer pain, and it was terrible pain. I have been using bunion sleeves for years and these days only use them when wearing certain footwear. Everything said on their website is true.