About Us

A few years ago I thought my running days were over. My genetic bunions were becoming increasingly more painful. After running, I noticed my gait becoming worse and worse. I would have sore feet, sore knees and lots of lower back problems leaving me to hobble around for the next couple of days. My metatarsal bones were starting to pull apart as my bunions pushed my big toes harder against my other toes. When I saw a Podiatrist, who said the only solution was bunion surgery, I was driven to search for an alternative solution.

Now, having never had surgery for anything I wasn't about to start now, so I decided to start looking for a viable non-surgical solution to my problem. I did a lot of research and looked at many alternatives. I decided that my solution had to be simple yet effective. I figured I needed to find a way to manage my bunion pain. At that point I wasn't imagining actually fixing the problem. The main problem with any existing bunion corrector I found was that most of them do not allow for normal movement so it would be very hard or impossible to use them during activity, be that walking, running or just having to be on your feet for an extended period of time. Some of the devices on the market looked more like medieval torture instruments to me. Most of these can only be used at night as they are rigid splints that are bulky and hard. I tried the other softer products but found they did little to help my symptoms. I could not find a product that could be worn comfortably during periods of activity. I was looking for a product that was gentle and flexible and could be worn day and night. I figured the best way to relieve the bunion pain, pressure and the rubbing would be to find something I could even wear with socks and shoes during all activities.

My search led me to Bunion Sleeve® which is formed by the bonding of two materials, giving support yet remaining thin enough to be comfortably worn in any shoe and light enough to be worn to bed. Bunion Sleeve is only 0.4mm thin and is non-slip so it can be worn during intense activity.

What is remarkable is that I not only derived immediate relief from wearing my Bunion Sleeve but it has also started to permanently correct my problem. My big toes are now a lot straighter. My gait and alignment is much more normal. My metatarsal bones are no longer painful. My feet, knees and lower back are now fine even after a 7.5 mile run. I can now walk long distances and spend extended periods of time on my feet painlessly. I am so happy with my Bunion Sleeve® I want to make this product available to other bunion sufferers. I am confident that this is the best bunion corrector available and that you will never feel better once your bunion is protected and soothed by Bunion Sleeve.

There are many claims made by people that are not true and it is sometimes difficult to trust online retailers so I stand behind my Bunion Sleeve® Satisfaction Guarantee Returns and Exchanges Policy. When you receive your Bunion Sleeve just try it on once to make sure it is the right size for you. If it doesn't feel right just let us know, send it back to us and we will replace it immediately with another size.

I look forward to sharing the Bunion Sleeve® solution with you!