Spring Treatment For Bunions

It’s that time of year when the seasons are about to change, and everyone focuses on the year ahead by having a good old clear out in the ‘Big Spring Clean’. There is something about seeing the sun peek through the clouds and the flowers reawakening that motivates us to collectively rid ourselves of clutter and all things that are making life harder.

For many people, this involves a deep clean of the family home. For many more, it can also mean it’s time for an emotional clear-out and looking for ways to improve our physical health, too. This can only mean one thing: it’s time to deal with our ailments and conditions that are far from life-threatening but can put us in a great deal of pain if left to their own devices.

Of course, the dreaded bunion is a source of great discomfort for many and the procrastinators out there will have been putting off finding treatment for bunions. This may be out of fear of needing surgery, or a painful rehabilitation process. However, this reluctance to seek help is often entirely misguided as there is another solution!

Do You Have a Bunion?

If you have a mild to a moderate bunion, then there is another option to calm your nerves and get your back on the straight and narrow; literally. To find out what stage your bunion is at, let’s take a look at the facts.

Is your big toe deformed and inversely angled? Is it putting pressure on your second toe and beyond? Have you got a bony lump on the outer edge of your big toe? Do your toes rub against your shoes, making walking, running and everyday life much more difficult? You aren't alone; there are roughly a million people in the UK alone who suffer from a bunion.

The Alternative Treatment for Bunions

Our Bunion Sleeve® is designed to reposition and re-align your big toe without affecting your normal routine in any way. Wear it under your socks and shoes, and go about your daily life as the Bunion Sleeve® protects the foot from further pressure, straightens the toe and applies tension where it is needed, to ensure the rest of your toes stay intact and pain-free.

If you want to feel a spring in your step and avoid any unnecessary surgery, then act now. Treatment for bunions doesn't have to be invasive or expensive; just as our Bunion Sleeve® demonstrates.

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