The Big Chill and Your Bunion

As with any winter, the cold weather feels like it has been dragged out for an entire year, not just a season. Of course, the UK is always quite rainy, quite windy and often a bit grey looking, but there are occasions where we can see the sun shining and feel the warmth on our skin – it’s just that those moments can feel a million miles away in the midst of winter.

If you suffer from a swollen bunion, then there is, understandably, pain that you have to endure on a daily basis. This pain is often felt to be increased during cold weather. While there is no scientific evidence to back up the notion that cold weather makes bunions worse, it can be easily explained with your footwear choices.

Against the Elements

Many people believe that you feel the weather in your bones, particularly bones and joints that have vulnerabilities or injuries, such as a painful, swollen bunion. Scientists have found that these areas of your body are more sensitive to changes in the weather - a sudden sharp pain or aching feeling would often precede a shift in barometric pressure due to changes in bone density and the pressure exacted onto the fluid around your bones and joints.

Choose Footwear Wisely

Another explanation for increased bunion pain during colder weather could be found in your choice of footwear. Those who suffer from bunion pain will testify that there is less pain felt during the summer months… when they are wearing loose fit sandals and summery shoes.

During winter, and even autumn, we are much more likely to wear sturdy, supportive shoes and boots that are often more tightly confined around the toe area. This puts additional pressure on any existing bunion conditions.

How to Treat Your Bunion

- Choose shoes that are wider than usual and are of easily malleable materials. While leather is a great material for strong, sturdy boots, it is not good if you have a swollen bunion that needs to be relieved of pressure

- Choose footwear that has a flexible sole so that when you move and walk your toe malformation can move with you freely, with minimal pain

- Choose bunion treatment without the need for surgery – a simple Bunion Sleeve could be all that you need to solve this issue

The Bunion Corrector

Our ultrathin Bunion Sleeve is perfect for people who have swollen bunions that are impeding on their everyday lives.

At just 0.4mm thin, you can wear under your shoes without the need to slow down your daily activities. You can even maintain an active lifestyle as you did before your bunion took over! By aligning your toes in a more natural position, the Bunion Sleeve relieves pressure and tension placed on the big toe, which, over time can reduce the bunion overall.

For less than the cost of a meal in a restaurant, you could soon be walking with improved gait and confidence.

Order your Bunion Sleeve® with us today and make an investment in your health. For more information, please contact us at info@gowerhealth.com

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