Top 3 Bunion Remedies

Problems with our feet can cause drastic changes in everyday plans, schedule and common activities. A bunion is such a problem that can alter the whole day. As well this malady makes our feet look ugly and the pain from it can be tremendous. Severe bunions are treated in the hospital, but those which are slighter can be easily treated in home conditions. The causes of bunions are tight high heeled shoes, genetic factors, nerve conditions and also an abnormal condition of the bone. Here are top 3 home remedies that can help you to cure bunions without seeking doctor assistance:

  1. Olive oil with a massage.

You should warm some olive oil and do a gentle massage of your foot. Repeat it twice a day for fifteen min. It increases the circulation of blood and helps to avoid swelling, inflammation of the toe, cures the pain and shortens the size of the deformity. Massaging can be made similarly without any oil. It is well known that any inflammation can be eliminated with the help of massage therapy, that’s why it is considered to be one of the top home remedies. Massage is also good in the prevention of this problem. Likewise, you can seek the massage therapist to get the assistance of a specialist.

  1. Ice pack

Put some ice cubes into the ice bag and place it on the deformity for ten min. You can make a frozen cotton tower to apply if you don’t dispose of an ice bag. Repeat the treatment several times during the day. It is as beneficial like all compresses (for instance warm ones). An ice pack is really useful in getting rid of problems with your feet. But don’t apply it in the case of any other foot illnesses and if you have diabetes.

  1. Epsom salt

If you are interested in a powerful anti-inflammatory effect you should choose Epsom salt. It is effective when you try to heal bunion, as it reduces the symptoms (such as corns and calluses). This happens due to the high quantity of magnesium in the salt. Pour warm water into a tiny tub. Add there a handful of salt and soak your feet there for twenty minutes. After half an hour you will feel the relief. Softening of your skin, which suffered from bunion and tight footwear, is the future effect.

Hope that these easy methods will help you to get back to your everyday activities and forget about the pain.

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