Treat bunions without surgery

A bunion is an unnatural deformation of the big toe’s base joint where it is attached to the foot. It is called the Hallux Valgus. If you have noticed that your big toe is headed towards other toes on the same foot it is the first sign of the bunion. The cause of this problem is not so obvious in the majority of cases. The bunion can evoke the strain and that’s why a person can have extreme pain or the inflammation. Because a bunion is situated on a joint, where the toe is bent during a walk your body’s weight is put on the bunion at every move. Bunions develop slowly. The problem can happen with anyone, but most frequently it happens to women. Many women tend to wear tight and narrow shoes that compress the toes, which gives a good soil for the appearing of the bunion. In most cases, the pain disappears if wider shoes are worn, or other measures are taken to reduce the pressure.

Here are the symptoms of the bunion:

  • A swollen bump on the outside side of the foot
  • The shape of your foot looks different and the searching for shoes becomes challenging
  • Aching sore skin at the top of the hump
  • Hard, red skin of your big toe and second toe, because they overlapped
  • Wearing shoes causes swelling and pain

 Symptoms can get worse if you are not visiting a doctor. During the visit, you’ll be asked about the symptoms.

All bunions aren’t constant as they can be removed surgically. But there are some methods which can help you to stop bunion’s progression and make you feel more comfortable.

Here are several approaches which you can use treat it without surgery:

  • Maintain your normal weight
  • Message or do some motion exercises, they are really effective and can help you to restrain your muscles and relax, heading toes to the right side
  • Wear wide shoes which allow your toes to move, and help to reverse the damage
  • Use splints for bunions, they can help you to make you feel better. They should be used for two weeks, they are worthy of using as they will make the correction of the deformation. The point is the relieving of the pain.
  • Take rest during the day, don’t spend the whole day standing. Take every chance to sit down, put off your shoes and try to relax
  • Take anti-inflammatory pills, such as ibuprofen or naproxen. These medications will make you feel better removing the pain and inflammation. A doctor can give you a prescription if more severe measures are needed.
  • Buy and wear warm socks, Whirlpool, ice pack
  • Use natural remedies which will relieve the pain: 
    Hot water compress
    Salt baths. Add two spoons of salt into warm water; keep your feet in the water for 20 minutes Lavender oil. Make a massage with this oil before going to sleep.

Treating bunions in home conditions is not as hard as it can seem. Just follow simple recommendations, consult your doctor constantly, treat your feet with care, and don’t self-medicate. If you see that the pain doesn’t go away - consult your doctor about surgery. 

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