Foot Care Solutions

How to treat bunions without surgery? July 04 2016

A bunion is an unnatural deformation of the big toe’s base joint where it is attached to the foot. It is called the Hallux Valgus. If you have noticed that your big toe is headed towards other toes on the same foot it is the first sign of the bunion. Read about solutions...

How to train for a fun run with a bunion May 16 2016

Fun? Run? Surely those words don’t go together, right? Yup, they sure do, and if you’ve got a fun run coming up, you’ll want to make sure you’re well trained ahead of time, so you’re able to complete without wheezing your lungs out. Training for a fun run doesn’t need to be hard, and can actually be quite rewarding when you stop listening to the naysayers. So stay tuned, as you’ll learn what it takes in order to train for a fun run, that’ll have you competing to be the next Mo Farah.

Home remedies for painful bunions May 14 2016

Living with a painful bunion can not only be an agonising experience, but it can hinder your work and social life, too. With such a heavy burden on your day to day life, it is important to treat bunions as soon as possible.  If knowing how to treat bunions and minimising pain sounds good to you, then read on for some home remedies.

Solutions to running with a bunion… October 31 2014

Many people in Australia have at least one bunion, and thousands of those people are runners. Those of us with bunions know how painful it can be to walk, let alone run. But walking and running can be both possible and painless. Read how...

Bunion? On your feet all day? How to protect your feet. March 20 2014

If you’re on your feet all day, there’s a chance that you could be at risk of causing yourself an injury. You might therefore want to look into what can be done in order to keep your feet safe, and free from any potential harm that could come to them. If you’re interested, there are in fact things that you can do to keep your feet protected, and free from any danger that could come to them, even if you do find that you’re constantly standing, and on the go.