Arch Strengthening


 Watch the above video and/or follow these instructions:

(You’ll need two coins for this exercise…we used 2 x 10p coins)

Start standing with your feet hip-width apart.

Place the two coins on the floor in front of your big toes.

Get your toes in a good position by spreading them out as much as you can.

Place your big toe knuckles on top of each coin. You want to feel the pressure of the coins under your big toe knuckles.

Now really anchor the floor with your big toes by pressing your big toes into the floor.

Then lift up going onto tip-toes and then slowly down, shifting your weight forward onto your toes, feeling your big toe knuckle under the coin every time.

This exercise will really help to strengthen your foot arches.

Do 2 x 15 repetitions of the exercise.