Toe Separation


Watch the above video and/or follow these instructions:

Sitting in a comfortable seating position get your weight centred in your feet and then bring your feet back underneath you as far as you can, while still maintaining your heels on the ground.

Then spread your toes out, using your fingers if you wish, to get a nice even distribution of space between your toes.

If your big toe wants to come in and remain tightly against the other toes then use your fingers to bring it as far away from the others as you can comfortably without pain and then hold this position.

Now what you are going to do is to lift your toes up, all together for fifteen (15) repetitions trying to keep the spaces between the toes nice and even as you raise and lower your toes.

Do two lots of fifteen repetitions (2 x 15) of the exercise looking for any gaps in the movement, looking for anything that is going to be different and trying to even it out each time.