What to do with a Bunion when it's Valentine's Day! January 13 2016

For many people, there is nothing better than getting dressed up in fancy shoes, a new dress or suit and putting some effort in for a hot date. When that hot date happens to be on Valentine’s Day, however, there is always a little more pressure on than usual. Knowing you have a big event coming up in your social calendar can be quite frustrating when you are suffering from bunion swelling.  Never fear, however, as the bunion sleeve might just save your day… and your date. 

Pain-Free Romance

If you suffer from bunions, you will be well aware that the pain and swelling associated with them can be excruciating if you don’t take corrective measures. Many bunion correctors can be chunky and inconvenient for use when you want to be up and about, leaving the house and living your day to day life, let alone when you have a hot date to attend, too!
This is simply not the case when it comes to our innovative Bunion Sleeve, however. We use ultra-thin material that not only relieves pressure on your big toe but also restores it back to a more natural position, improving your gait and balances simultaneously.

Practical Love

So, if your loved one suffers from bunion swelling and the prospect of wearing fancy shoes fills them with dread and an evening full of pain, then perhaps the addition of a bunion sleeve to your Valentine’s gift would be appreciated. Sure, it’s not as romantic as a dozen roses and a love poem, but this practical gift will ensure that your planned romantic activity of dinner and dancing can go ahead, without cause for concern.
Don’t let bunion swelling hold you back from living your life to the max this Valentine’s day; you only live once, after all. Instead, take preventative measures to ensure a pain-free evening, full of love and romance that won’t be spoiled by a pesky hallux valgus.

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