How severe is my bunion? December 17 2015

The Hallux Valgus – a progressive malformation of the big toe, more commonly referred to as a bunion - can be unsightly as well as inflicting pain and impeding on physical activity. Bunion severity can range from occasional and slight pain, through to mild, moderate or severe pain.

Many that suffer from a bunion think that they will require surgery to correct it, and often leave it to get worse before seeking help. We believe that many symptoms of severe bunions could be prevented if only the sufferers realised that there were alternative bunion treatments out there for them and Bunion Sleeve is one such treatment.


Bunion Sleeve is a lightweight, corrective barrier for use with mild to moderate bunions. Not only does it protect the foot and toes against any further damage, but it slowly separates the toes by releasing tension while straightening the big toe to improve gait.


Knowing the options available regarding treatment for bunion symptoms is the first step in removing bunion pain from your life.




Basic pain relief such as Paracetamol, along-side anti-inflammatories; like Ibuprofen, is recommended for day-to-day pain caused by bunions.


Toe splints and orthotic shoe inserts are used to try and reduce the bunion and how you use your foot when walking.


Wearing fitted shoes that are wider at the toe will prevent a bunion from deteriorating and causing further pain.




Bunion symptoms include a bony lump on the outside edge of your toe caused by the misalignment of the big toe; pain, swelling of the toe joints, overlapping toes, sore skin on the foot and increased pain whilst active or wearing shoes.


Here at Bunion Sleeve, we have devised a method of bunion correction that is wearable, unrestrictive and rehabilitating. Our option of bunion treatment without surgery is ideal for mild to moderate bunions, as well as being the perfect post-bunion surgery rehabilitation product.


How bad is it?


Now we have reviewed the symptoms and available treatments, how bad does your bunion feel and what do you need to do about it? It is always better to act sooner rather than later when it comes to a painful hallux valgus. This handy infographic describes the different stages of a bunion and when it is advisable to seek help or wear your Bunion Sleeve.


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