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Foot Arch Support (2 Pairs...4 Gel Arch Wraps for the price of 2)

2 Pairs. One size fits all.

Many bunion sufferers also suffer from flat feet or fallen arches so these soft Gel Arch Wraps are designed to provide all-day underfoot comfort and foot arch support.

Gel Arch Wraps are shock-absorbing, pressure-reducing, soft gel foot arch supports that relieve the discomfort and pain associated with flat arches, Cavus foot (high-arched feet), and plantar fasciitis.

Adjusts to fit all kinds of foot shapes.

The non-slip Velcro strap keeps them nicely in place even during heavy activity.

Includes 100% BIO GEL and is Antibacterial.

Ideal for active people.

Perfect for people who are on their feet all day. 

    Gel Foot Arch Wraps | All Day Foot Arch Support

    Gel Foot Arch Wraps | All Day Foot Arch Support

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    Customer Reviews

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    Joyce Rawson

    Love them and calves don’t hurt any more as my arches are lifted