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Toe Separators

This helps to realign your big toes to a more natural position and provide relief from painful rubbing. They can be worn with socks and shoes. They can be worn day or night. Made with medical-grade silicone. 

  • 2 PACK (one pair) of BUNION (HALLUX VALGUS) PROTECTORS WITH TOE SEPARATORS - The gel bunion protector, bunion guard or bunion shield provides a soft barrier to protect your bunion against rubbing by your shoes. The toe separators, toe spacers, toe straighteners or toe spreaders separate your big toe from the second toe creating a more natural and comfortable alignment for your toes and helping to ease the pressure on the outside of your feet where bunions can be particularly painful.
  • MOVE MORE FREELY - These bunion aids provide bunion pain relief and their integrated toe spreaders help to provide for a good alignment of your toes. They are slimline and light enough to be comfortably worn with any footwear so these are a great solution for anyone who is on their feet for long periods, walking or running around.
  • DON'T LET BUNIONS (HALLUX VALGUS) RUIN YOUR DAY - Continue to wear the shoes you want to wear. These bunion pads are made from soft, soothing gel and they are strong too so they will last - we stretch test all of our products to ensure durability. Unlike rigid bunion splints, these can be worn comfortably during any activity.
  • HAPPY FEET ARE HEALTHY FEET - Correct toe alignment can improve your disposition and walking gait. Use these right now if you are experiencing bunion pain or keep some of these bunion pads with toe spreaders handy so you can use them whenever you feel you need some extra toe correction or bunion pain relief.

Bunions can be very painful and make it difficult to move around easily.

A bunion (Medical Term: Hallux Valgus) is characterised by pain, redness, and swelling of the big toe joint. The big toe joint appears large and then sticks out from the edge of the foot. This makes the outside of the foot sensitive to rubbing by shoes. As the bunion progresses the big toe tends to point to the side, towards your other toes, instead of straight ahead. In more advanced cases the big toe may even cross underneath the second toe.

It is best to start bunion treatment in the early stages of formation. Soaking feet in warm water can provide temporary relief. Wearing properly fitting shoes is also important. If your bunion is advanced a podiatrist could recommend shoes that have a wider, higher toe area and other conservative treatments like orthotics.

Toe Aligners® 2-in-1 Bunion Gel Pads with Toe Separators are orthotics designed to help prevent the painful rubbing that many shoes cause while at the same time creating a good separation between your big and second toes.

Toe Aligners | Bunion Guards with Toe Separators

Toe Aligners | Bunion Guards with Toe Separators

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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Kristy Natalizio
Great Product

comfortable, affordable and it works

Pain relief

My big toe joint has had pain for a while now. After seeing the podiatrist and purchasing the bunion sleeve, the pain has subsided and everything feels better. I know when I haven’t worn it. Thank you

Artur Bartnicki
Pretty useful

Does the job. Pretty happy

Doesn’t fit well with tiny feet

It says size fits all, but for someone like me who have very tiny feet, it doesn’t sit well. Bit disappointing.

Ron Pullin

Toe Aligners | Bunion Guards with Toe Separators