The Science of Healthy Feet

the science of healthy feet

Feet are complex machines.

Each foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles.

One quarter of all the bones in our body are in our feet.

Protecting, maintaining and healing these vital assets is important for all of us so we have created these short workout videos for your feet that you can do at home.

We created these workouts for your feet because healthy feet are not just about well fitting shoes.

We hope you enjoy these short exercises. Please try and do them as often as you can for maximum benefit.

Workout 1 - Spread and curl your toes to even out your toe separation

Workout 2 - Heel lifts for more even weight distribution on your feet

Workout 3 - Arch lifts for more even weight distribution on your feet

Workout 4 - Tippy toes lifts to strengthen your foot arches

Workout 5 - Developing intrinsic foot strength

Workout 6 - Separating your big toe from the other toes

Workout 7 - Straightening the big toe

Workout 8 - Understanding the muscles that control the foot

Workout 9 - Arch strengthening exercise 1

Workout 10 - Arch strengthening exercise 2